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    Grand jury administrator & coordinator for the Statewide California People's Grand Jury at Law (i.e. common law).

    Critical thinker. 9-11 truth advocate, and for the maximum penalty upon conviction of all conspirators (not limited to American and Israeli Zionists/ all communists) who participated in that heinous crime, and obvious inside-job.

    Advocate for the abolition of: The Federal Reserve; the IRS; fiat currency; the fraudulent "loan" industry scam by the bankers; emergency war powers presidential courts (which is all of them).

    A revealing outline on how the de facto United States is ruled today, about which no American was taught in school, is found in excerpts from Senate Report 93-549 (1973) to itemize the historical context of why America is enslaved. It's a must reading for any concerned American to understand the current tyranny of fascist Amerika.


    Hates: Scorners. Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived (I Kings 3:12) said we should "cast out the scorner, and contention shall go out... strife and reproach shall cease" (Prov. 22:10). Solomon also said that the scorner is an abomination to men (Prov. 24:9). A scorner is one who cannot accept correction, but in return offers derision and mockery. It is futile to try to reason with a scorner (Prov. 9:7-8).

    I am a naturally born eunuch (see Matt. 19:12) prenatally male, but having a feminine spirit. This condition is referred to as transgender, male-to-female (MtF). The existence of the transgender community is evidence that the spirit in man (Job 32:8) is very much gender-specific, i.e. either masculine or feminine, which difference will not alter among those in the resurrections, whether it's to the flesh or to the spirit.

    Yahushua the Messiah has a reason for creating eunuchs, and one of those reasons may center on how eunuchs will be treated by the majority of cisgender (i.e. gender/ sex-compatible) society, worldwide.

    My signature song is, "Lobe den Herren meine Seele", translated, "Praise Lord, my soul," -- a hymn of praise and worship of the heavenly Father, Yahuah.