About Us

No Gotchas

We created 42nd Street Social to provide a space for people with different lifestyles and views to get together and communicate without all the gotchas of banned or blocked accounts that have become so common on other social networks. We believe that you as an individual can decide what you want to read and view. We provide a block feature so that you can block a person if you dislike them. But we are just as happy to let you and the other person argue out your viewpoints. You won't be blocked here for many things that you could be blocked elsewhere and certainly not just because someone doesn't like you.

The Caveats

There are some basic rules though naturally as any site will have. Don't post child porn, don't make posts that can get us all arrested. Don't make posts that will blowup the earth. We think you get the idea.

Having said that we know that while following the basic rules of society, and not posting criminal contention just mentioned, people will otherwise annoy each other. That's ok. You are going to meet nice people here and jerks. Someone you think is a jerk another will think is a nice person. And thats ok. We are not going to ban people because you do not like them and we wont ban you because others don't like you. It is time phor people to take responsibility for understanding the world is a great big crazy place and we are all going to keep living in it.


So we hope you enjoy your experience here. Post content, comments, videos and invite your friends so they can do the same. Let us know how we can improve the site. We wont implement all suggestions and it will take some time to implement any, but we will listen

Thank you for visiting us.